Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lemon Thyme

lemon thyme

Lemon Thyme is physically similar to the English or common thyme(Thymus Vulgaris). The only difference is in its flavor.  So, expect this article to talk only about the wonderful scent.
Keeping those plants around help a lot in repelling mosquitoes away - they might even do better than lemongrass. The trick is to crush the leaves of the lemon thyme to dissipate the lemon scent.  In the kitchen, lemon thyme beats common thyme with it's wonderful flavor. However, lemon thyme is best used fresh, as it's flavor fades away when dried.
flowering lemon thyme

Like the Common thyme, the lemon thyme will grow in most climates, but prefers a well-drained soil and lots of sun. It is easily grown in pots on your kitchen window sill. Find more in the common thyme profile.
Photo by izik and kthread.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flower Show 2009: cactus and Succulents

Confession: The only reason I went to the flower show was to have a look at their cactii.
Here are the pics:

             Flowers Page


Flower Show 2009 - Orchids

Some wonderful orchids.. None were on sale though.

Some bromeliads

African Violets



Flower Show 2009 - Most Flowers

Now, that you've seen the State House, Let's get straight to the event. Even from far way, the flower show seemed promising with all those stalls with only flowers, bromeliads, cactii, succulents, ferns, etc...

Let's take a look inside:

Paradise is here :)

anthurium flowers

some cool bonsai plants


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