Friday, April 24, 2009

Gardening To Relieve Stress

Don't be like him
Who isn't stressed? Our busy and competitive lifestyle often put a big deal of stress on us. Some people take a cigarette or a drink to try to relieve stress but they are doing themselves more harm. After one tedious day sitting at your office desk, the best way to get unstressed is by doing some physical exercises. Walk, jog, run, swim, cycle or go to the gym. Did you ever wonder if you could save time by exercising and making something rewarding at the same time?

You've guessed right. Gardening is the solution. As I always say, the fruits of gardening are not only what you get in your plate. If you see your garden as a chore, you won't get the stress out. However if you enjoy gardening, the personal satisfaction you get is one step in getting stress out of your life. Dig, chop, weed, sow.... The list is long. Doing these tasks will do only good to you and your body.

Gardening makes you bend and lift things many times. Be sure to do it right. I usually squat while weeding or planting. If you don't squat, you might put strain to your lower back. If you can't squat, place one knee on the ground(have a pair of knee-pads) and switch knee regularly.

Be cautious when lifting heavy objects. Always sit down, grab the object and use your legs to lift up. Do not bend nor twist your body. If something is too heavy for you, seek help. This advice is not only for elder gardeners!

If your doctor doesn't want you to do these activities, have a walk in your garden. Look at the plants, their colors, their smell... Pick up some flowers to put on your table.

Gardening is an excellent way to relieve stress for all ages but remember to do it safely.

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