Friday, April 3, 2009

DIY Inexpensive Trellis

Do you have a small gardening space? Or do you still want to plant more? Do you happen to have some fences too? Here's a cool trick from digginfood: The inexpensive DIY vegetable trellis. They use it to plant squash, cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, and peas.

We install a lot of freestanding trellises made out of bamboo and cedar, but last summer we decided to convert our west-facing, 6-foot tall fence into a growing space by installing panels of welded wire mesh on it. The mesh is sold at hardware stores for concrete reinforcing. We bought mesh with four-inch square holes and each 4-foot by 6-foot piece cost less than five dollars. The grand total for this super functional trellis? Fifteen bucks.

The installation is quick, they stapled the mesh into the fence's wooden frame.
You'll quickly enjoy the benefits of getting more planting space while growing your vine vertically.


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