Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to graft a cactus

Grafting a cactus is quite simple. I don't know the name of the cactus but i've grafted a zygocactus(christmas cactus) to it. There are two main type of grfting for cactii:
First one is on the top: Cut the top of the cactus(with a sterile knife), make a small cut in the cactus' flesh and insert the christmas cactus in it. Wait some days for the cactus to callus.

The second method can be used if you don't want to chop the head off your beloved cactus. You need to take your sterile knife and cut a sideway 'V' in the cactus. tHe cut would look like a '>' in the cactus. Next step is to take your zygocactus and gently slide it in the '>'. Wait some days for the cactus to callus.

In a couple of months you should get lots of christmas cactus flowers.
Or is it an April's Fool post? :-)


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