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Thyme - Thymus vulgaris - is an aromatic herb which blooms to get purple flowers. However, the reason why I (and other gardeners) grow this plant is not for its flowers. Thyme leaves are used flavouring and sometimes for garnishing of food. This is a very easy herb for your kitchen. You may grow it either in your garden or in a pot in the kitchen. The aroma of fresh thyme will surely make your dish tastier.

Caring for your Thyme plant

You can grow your own thyme plants through seeds. Sow the seeds loosely and transplant them when they reach about 2 inches or 5cm high. Thyme can be grown in partial shade but full sun is better.


Make sure you do not damage the plant when you are harvesting some thyme leaves. Cut the leaves with a pair of scissors. Using a knife may pull out young plants. Thyme can be propagated through cuttings or layering.

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