Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lucky Bamboo


The lucky bamboo - dracaena sanderiana - is a great plant for beginners and can be kept both indoor and outdoor. The lucky bamboo originates from Africa(Ha, you thought it was from China???) and blooms when subjected to drought conditions. The lucky bambo is not related to the bamboo - you know, the true one - and is used as a decorative plant. The Lucky Bamboo is said to attract luck as stated in Feng Shui.

Caring for your Lucky Bamboo

It is a difficult plant to kill but the leaves get damaged easily from unproper care. Too much fertilisation leads to browning of the tip of the leaves. You'll get the same symptoms if you water your lucky bamboo with chlorinated water. Leave the water overnight to let the chlorine escape before watering. The lucky bamboo can be grown either potted in soil or directly in water. The latter method requires only the base of the stem to be immersed in water as the leaves cannot grow in water.

Handling and Propagation

Propagation of the Lucky Bamboo is quite easy. Just cut any piece of it, having at least two to three nodes and stick it in a pot or in water. New roots will form quickly and you'll get a brand new Lucky Bamboo.

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