Monday, January 12, 2009

Why do the leaves on my lucky bamboo plant have brown tips?

Recently one reader contacted me and asked me why the tips of his lucky bamboo was turning brown.
So here we go!

I've noticed two types of color change in the leaves of the lucky bamboo - dracaena sanderiana. Your bamboo leaf may turn brown or yellow.

Cause of Brown Leaf
The leaves turn brown because of the presence of fluoride (and sometimes chloride too) in water in the bamboo's pot. These minerals are often present in your tap water; you may want to check your local water suppliers for details on the concentration of the minerals. If you have chorine added to your water, let the water sit overnight before watering your dracaena. In extreme conditions, use mineral water when doing your weekly water change. It is believed that fluoride gets accumulated at the plant tips and kill the plant cells there. Excess of any salt will also have the same adverse effects. use diluted fertilisers to be on the safe side. Low atmospheric humidity also promotes brown leaves.
Cause of Yellow Leaf
Don't panic, yellow leaves shows that its time to fertilise your bamboo. Direct bright light and too little water(when planted in soil) also cause yellowing of leaves. Bright indirect light is better. Its not a big deal. I repeat, don't panic.

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