Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reducing your gardening costs - Part One

Despite being a hobby, gardening usually take away some of your budget - you have to buy the plants, seeds, materials, fertilisers, and perhaps some of you will need herbicides, pesticides, etc...
Do you really have to buy all these?? No. You can decrease your gardening budget. Here are some tips for having many plants for almost nothing:
Your plants
Build your plant network with friends, relatives and neighbors. Get in contact with people and swap plants with them. You'll easily get extra plants for free!! Tip: propagate your plants through cuttings when it's trimming time.
Seeds Harvest your seeds. Seeds let you expand your plant quantity quickly, but some patience is required sometimes(eg. for cactii). If you are inexperienced, try harvesting seeds from flowers like marigolds. Another trick is to swap seeds. When you buy a packet of seeds, you generally get more than you need. Swap the remaining ones with friends!!

Be sure to come back to check other tricks. You can also share your tricks.


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