Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Make A Terrarium Out Of A Bottle Of Wine

This is awesome. I've never been bothered by ships in bottles but this one really got me excited:
A low tech and low maintenance terrarium that you can place anywhere you want.
You'll need some dexterity, patience and imagination but you'll appreciate the results.

Inspired by Paula Hayes, creator of amazing terrarium designs, Dr Vino suggests using clear wine bottles for this project. He also stated:
I first added dirt to the bottle. Then I ripped off chunks of moss, compressed them and shoved them through the wine bottle’s neck with a chop stick leftover from a previous takeout. A few pokes and prods later, I had them all lined up
If well cared for, the moss will grow in a rich carpet that you can proudly show off on your desk. Be sure not to let the bottle roll though..

Moss-age In A Bottle [via SlashFood]


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