Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Panda Plant

panda plant, pussy ears, Kalanchoe tomentosa
panda plant, pussy ears, Kalanchoe tomentosa

Panda plant, also known as pussy ears, is a succulent having botanical name Kalanchoe tomentosa. It is from the family of Crassulacae and it is originated from Madagascar.

I got mine a couple of months ago and it has grown some new leaves since then. The guy from whom I got it has his Panda plants in direct sunlight. I have been told that the Panda plant grows to about 40cm in height but I've still to check it. I've placed mine where it got direct indirect light, and the Panda plant is doing great. Today, i moved it to my balcony where it will get direct sunlight, i'll monitor it to see how better it will grow.

Caring is quite easy. The Kalanchoe tomentosa does not need any special care, the most important aspect is avoid overwatering(The Panda plant needs little water) and allow the soil to completely dry out between watering. I water all my plants with water coming from my aquaria, so fertilisation isn't a problem for me.

I guess propagation should be easy. Leaf or stem cuttings will yield a new plant. I haven't tried propagating mine yet. Anyone got this plant???


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