Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Geraniums  are easy plants. They need full sun for most of the day to bloom well. Regular watering is needes but don't let them sit in water. 
Geranium are easily plated through cuttings .This is an excellent way to acquire a collection of different varieties. Trim 2-3 cm away from the tips and remove leaves. Plant the stem in soil and water it often. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Once the cutting has rooted after 2-3 weeks, plant geraniums when the soil is warm. Geraniums like well-drained soil and need a full day of sun.

Water your geraniums early in the day. They don't like to have wet leaves, so water them carefully. A morning watering allows time for any splashes on the leaves to evaporate. Geraniums only need watering once a week or so.

Deadhead your geraniums to increase the blooms. Pull off dead leaves and passed blossoms. This will also stop the spread of diseases

Do watch for insects.

Pink geranium

Red Geranium


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