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Gerberas are native to Transvaal, South Africa. The flowers often measure 17.8 cm across. They come in a wide range of colors - from light to dark yellow, orange, pink, brilliant scarlet, deep red, and many more. Having a long vase life, Gerbera flowers are great for adding color to any room or garden. 
The meanings of gerbera flowers stem from those credited to the general daisy family. These meanings include innocence and purity. Daisies are also a classic symbol of beauty.
Gerberas come in various forms. Broadly, they can be put into four groups-
  1.  Single Flowers - These Gerberas have a row of non-overlapping petals (ray florets) with a green center (disc florets). These are the most common gerberas available in the market.
  2. Double or duplex - These Gerberas have a double row of overlapping petals with a green, black, or dark red eye.
  3. Crested doubles - These doubles contain two rows of overlapping petals with one or more inner rows of shorter petals with a green, black, or dark red eye.
  4. Full crested doubles - These have solid overlapping rows of petals with an inner row diminishing in size, covering the eye entirely.

 Caring of Gerbera
  •  Place gerbera in a sunny location be sure to allow at least four hours of sunlight each day 
  •  Make sure the soil is well-drained.
  •  Keep the soil moist during blooming season and fertilize every other week using a water-soluble fertilizer. Allow the soil to dry between watering once blooming season is over.
  • Gerberas are heat-sensitive and go dormant in the heat, producing no blooms. Avoid fertilizing if this happens.
  • Gerberas does not like the cold and low temperatures can cause the leaves to turn black.
  • Remove any spent flowers and leaves as soon as possible to encourage new blooms.
  •  Make sure the crown of the plant is above the ground, as this can hinder the production of blooms.


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