Sunday, April 7, 2013

Newspaper seed starter

Everyone must have old newspapers at home, some seeds, and soils, but no pot to make them germinate. Well, using newspaper as a seed starter is not only very cheap but also biodegradable thus the paper pot can directly bury into the ground without disturbing the seedling and its roots. 


Materials needed:


soda can




Gather some old newspaper.

Take a soda can.

Fold the newspaper into two. And place the Soda can on top.

Wrap the newspaper around the can.

After that, just fold in one end of the newspaper to make the bottom.

It should look something like this, with the can.

Remove the can, Here is your homemade pot.

Now, just add some soils in. Add desired seed, and let Mother Nature do her work.

Voila, you now have quick and cheap pot for starting seeds that you made from newspapers that you were just going to throw away.

When the seedlings have sprouted you can plant the whole thing in the ground where the newspaper will eventually decompose.


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