Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to create a new garden bed

1. Sketch the areas of your garden plot that you want to clear.

To get your edges straight for a square or rectangular vegetable plot, stretch a string between sticks and mark the line with a chalk stick.For a round shape, use a hose or rope to lay out the area, adjusting the position to create a smooth curve.

2.  Clear the surface by first removing dry plants, weeds, and rock.

If your garden area contains a lot of perennial weeds make sure that you first kill these weeds or grasses.

3.  Dig it up.

Now comes the digging. Dig up your new garden. If you have poor soil, now's also a great time to incorporate organic matter, such as compost. Just dig it in while you work the ground.

4. Create edging for the new bed

A waterway about 8 inches deep and a couple of inches wide will stop even the worst invaders from crossing and have a fine edging. Otherwise, drop an edging material around the border of your garden like bamboos.

5.  Position desired plants

Select which plants you will plant and place them before you put them in the ground can make a world of difference. This allows you to get the spacing just right and make your plants really will look good next to each other.

6.  start planting

When you know all of your plants are in exactly the right spots, plant them in the ground.

7.  Water them

Once your bed is planted and protected, give your plants a good soaking. Enjoy your gardening.

Tips: make sure you make research about the types of plant needed at the proper timing and place.


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